Daniel Dancer
POB 693
Mosier, OR 97040



Daniel Dancer’s many layered work as a conceptual artist has been shaped by his travels worldwide in search of styles of being that engender happiness, sustainability and connection to Earth. After getting his MA degree in psychology at the University of Kansas, he left the academic world to pursue a career as an outdoor photographer. His striking images of beauty and destruction have been published worldwide and seen in galleries across America. It is this interface between wild nature and devastation that most greatly informs his work as an art activist.  His book, Desperate Prayers: A Quest For Sense in a Senseless Time chronicles much of his early work.

These days, Dancer operates a popular artist in residency program called Art For the Sky. Each residency culminates in a giant living painting made of people that only make senses from the sky. Each fleeting image is a metaphor about the power of collaboration, the importance of awakening what he calls our “skysight”, the beauty of impermanence and our interconnection to all life. A singer-songwriter, his first CD called Wild is the Way, might be considered the song track to his work as a conceptual artist.

Dancer, a Father of two, founded a model environmental community in 1998 called Rowena Wilds in the Columbia Gorge of Oregon. He lives there at Ravensong, in an earth-sheltered home built of recycled materials. For more information on his work see: www.artforthesky.com.