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T y p i c a l  S c h e d u l e

Day 1:

8 AM - 10 AM, One, school-wide 45 minute assembly presentation. If the student body is too large to fit in the auditorium, or if it is a K-12 school, we can do two assemblies.

10:30-3 PM, Daniel lays out the design on the field. 4 students help for 45 minutes laying out the grid. Then he works for a couple of hours painting the image outline. After that, students in groups of 8, come out to help spread materials on the design. Two or three periods of this and the design is done for the day. Filming happens during and after these times.

     Assembly Needs: LED Projector, dark room, sound system, BIG screen
     Field Needs: Six, 5-gallon buckets, wheelbarrow, 2 shovels, 2 leaf rakes
    Materials: Black dyed mulch, thrift-shop clothing, etc., depending on image

Day 2, Sky Art Day! Gather in the morning, with small student groups to tweak design details. After lunch, THE BIG EVENT! Total time on the field is always 60 minutes max. Generally, Sky Captains take responsibility for helping to organize students in assigned areas of the design. The bigger the design, the higher number of participants and the more Sky Captains are needed for a smooth event. At the end of the event, Daniel meets with the desiginated photographers to download images that he will use in the film/DVD he is creating.

Needs: Crane or equivalent, minimum height, 80 ft, from which to film image. This is nearly ALWAYS donated from within the local community. Daniel will need a megaphone. Remember to check the batteries!

Day 3, first thing in the morning: School-wide concluding assembly. Images and video of our creation together are revealed! It is a very powerful and unforgettable event! If the event were to be canceled the day before due to rain or high winds, this would be the day of the event and the final assembly would be done a few days later by the school with the DVD I would send them. This has only happened once so no worries, okay? Star setting your intention (one of the Six Teachings) for good weather now!

Needs: LED Projector, BIG SCREEN or white wall in Gym or Auditorium, a good PA System to plug a laptop into and a microphone.

Then I leave and you celebrate your success!
leaves to the sky