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     Most all the troubles on Earth exist becasue humans make decisions from too limited a viewpoint. The old saying "you can't see the forest for the trees" is reflected in all the problems we face on Earth. We must evolve a new way of perceiving the world. . . of seeing the forest AND the trees. I call this new of way of seeing our Skysight. It is a bit like the Seventh Generation concept held by many indigenous peoples, in which every decision must be made by asking the question: "how will it effect the seventh generation."


     In modern society we don't ask that question and thus the world is plagued by deforestation, wars, global warming, overpopulation, etc..


     Crucial decisions are made daily from a limited viewpoint, which viturally guarantees failure. These decisions affect everyone on the planet as well as future generations and how they are made must change if we are to survive. We need to learn to access the "Grand View" of our world. This is where our highest creativity lives and thus the solutions to our problems. Since everything is connected, our point of view must be entwined with the eyes of all living things . . . lions, frogs, trees, rivers, one another, future generations. . . literally, everything that lives.


     It's like being able to see through the eyes of the Wild . . . through the eyes of Earth herself. Inviting and practicing this new way of perceiving the world is critical to our survival. A primary mission of Art For the Sky is to:

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"For peace to reign on Earth, humans must evolve into new beings
who have learned to see the whole first."
- Immanuel Kant